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Farm Credit

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Farm Credit Council

The Farm Credit Council – the Farm Credit System's trade association – represents System interests before Congress and the Federal government, and offers a range of business services.

Farm Credit System employees and directors:  For more information on the Council and to access the Communications Advocacy Program, click here.

Washington DC Office

Mailing Address:
50 F Street NW
Suite 900
Washington, DC  20001
Tel:  (202) 626-8710
Fax: (202) 626-8718

Office of the President

Ken Auer
President and Chief Executive Officer
(202) 879-0843

Kim Boscia
Director of Administration/Corporate Secretary
(202) 879-0842

Government Affairs

Jeffry W. Shipp
Executive Vice President, Government Affairs
(202) 879-0851

Jane Terry
Administrative Assistant and Assistant PAC Treasurer
(202) 879-0852

Robbie Boone
Vice President, Government Affairs
(202) 879-0855

Young, Beginning and Small Farmers

Gary Matteson
Vice President, Young, Beginning and Small Farmer
(202) 879-0840

Office of Corporate Secretary/General Counsel/Meeting Planning

Charles Dana
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
(202) 879-0848

John Hays
Vice President, Policy Analysis and Development
(202) 879-0853

Michelle Lucas
Director of Meetings
(202) 879-0857


Mike Mason
Director of Communications
(202) 879-0850

Information Systems

Mike Mason
Website administrator for
(202) 879-0850

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