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Farm Credit

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System Structure

The Farm Credit System is a network of financial cooperatives, owned and operated by the very same farmers, ranchers and rural customers it serves. This unique structure keeps the Farm Credit System involved in the industries we finance and the local communities we serve.


The Farm Credit Administration, an agency of the federal government created in 1933, provides regulatory oversight for the System. The Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation was established by the Agricultural Credit Act of 1987, and its purpose is to ensure the timely payment of principal and interest on insured notes, bonds, and other obligations issued on behalf of Farm Credit System banks.


  • Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corporation

    The Funding Corporation issues a variety of Federal Farm Credit Banks Consolidated Systemwide Debt Securities (Farm Credit Debt Securities) on behalf of the Farm Credit System Banks with a broad range of maturities and structures. 
  • Farm Credit Council

    Full-service, federated trade association representing the System before Congress.

  • FCC Services

    Provides business solutions to the Farm Credit System and manages the Farm Credit Captive Insurance Company.
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