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American Farm Bureau Federation

Membership: 6 million+ families

Organization Focus: A unified national voice of agriculture

Years Since Founding: 94

Program Focus: Agriculture education and training

The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) serves as the "voice of agriculture" with active chapters in every state and annual conference attendance numbers in the thousands. Farm Credit's support of AFBF enables several programs that focus on delivering industry leading agriculture education and training to AFBF members, including:

  • Partners in Agricultural Leadership (PAL)
  • Women's Leadership Conference
  • Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Conference
  • Joint Leadership Conference
  • Partners in Agricultural Leadership (PAL)

    One such program is AFBF's Partners in Agricultural Leadership (PAL), which each year delivers a rigorous training course to ten young farmers and ranchers, working with them to develop advanced leadership skills and providing them the experience and confidence to step forward and promote awareness about issues important to those in the farm-to-consumer food chain. "PAL taught me the skills to make sure that my story was heard, and it gave me the confidence to get up and give a speech to 11,000 people," says Chris Chinn, a Missouri hog farmer who graduated from the 2011 PAL program. "It was a lot of work and took dedication, but it was the most rewarding experience I've ever had. I'd go through it five more times if I could."

    Women's Leadership Conference

    At the Women's Leadership Conference more than 500 farm and ranch women, all of whom are active leaders in their communities, gather to discuss issues, network and share their experiences. As one first-time attendee said, "It was well done, well planned and well participated. It was a great experience that I'll be able to use for everything: home, farm business and Farm Bureau." In expressing her appreciation for the AFBF program, another attendee shared, "This was the best learning experience."

    PAL taught me the skills to make sure that my story was heard.

    Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Conference

    The next generation of farmers and ranchers will be critical to the continued strength of American agriculture and to the consistent supply of safe, abundant and affordable food. AFBF's Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Conference provides new agricultural producers the opportunity to attend workshops and sessions as well as network with other farmers across the country so they are better prepared to develop viable farm and ranch businesses that will succeed into the future.

    Joint Leadership Conference

    In addition to this focused support for newer farmers and ranchers, AFBF has a history of serving the overall needs of American agriculture. Nowhere is this demonstrated more than at the organization's Joint Leadership Conference where nearly 1,400 state leaders and staff representing 45 states gathered to discuss and plan how best to carry out AFBF's mission. In addition, AFBF's annual national conference provides an opportunity for more than 6,300 influential agricultural leaders representing the spectrum of ag industries to join together, learn and share information to better position American agriculture to meet the challenges of the future.