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Community Impact

Farm Credit's commitment to a thriving rural America extends beyond providing financial services. Farm Credit's legacy of service supports rural American communities through volunteerism and financial contributions to organizations and initiatives that improve the lives and livelihoods of farmers and ranchers at both the local and national level.

To underscore this commitment, Farm Credit's national contributions program targets organizations that work in three focus areas:

Agriculture Education and Training: Farm Credit Gives to education programs to prepare young, beginning, small and minority farmers for a future in agribusiness and to teach youth populations about agriculture.

Industry Champions: Farm Credit Gives to support champions of the overall well-being of farmers, ranchers and rural America who are helping inform and educate the general population about agriculture.

Public Policy: Farm Credit Gives to organizations working to support rural America, to move farm-friendly policy forward and to keep the business of agriculture financially viable.

Additionally, Farm Credit's banks and associations give millions of dollars and thousands of volunteer hours annually to support local and regional programs. To learn more about local contributions programs, please use the Farm Credit locator and contact the Farm Credit organization that serves your community.