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Producing Excellence

Alan Sackett

Mecosta, MI

Sackett Potatoes

Project Raised or Grown: Potatoes

Size of Operation: 3,350 Acres

In Business Since: 1986

Farm Credit Partner: GreenStone Farm Credit Services

Working with Farm Credit Since: 1961

If you like to eat Frito Lay potato chips, then chances are you've crunched on a potato grown by Sackett Potatoes. With 3,350 acres of potatoes grown and the potential to store 110 million pounds of harvested product, Sackett Potatoes is a supplier to both local and national companies in the potato chip industry.

Alan Sackett established Sackett Potatoes in 1987 when he ventured away from partnership with his brothers and formed a new farming operation with his two sons, Jeff and Brian. With a strategy to grow at a controlled pace, the farm has expanded from 400 acres to 3,350 acres over the past 25 years. The operation marks its largest expansion to date with the procurement of a turn-key operation in North Carolina. This operation will work to fill the delivery gap between the end of the storage period and the beginning of production season in Michigan, enabling Sackett Potatoes to supply potatoes year-round. Implementing technology, taking advantage of agronomic opportunities and initiating local joint ventures have allowed Alan and his sons to farm more efficiently and demonstrate leadership within the agricultural industry.

Aside from progressive strategy, Alan deems family culture an integral part of their business success. Jeff and Brian represent the sixth generation of farmers in the Sackett family with ambitions to continue the tradition. Alan recognizes the role of succession planning, estate planning, and third-party consulting in keeping family communication open and geared towards best practices for the business at large. “The most enjoyable part is to see the success of the family growing and continuing to go forward," he says.

Alan has been a Farm Credit member since the late 1960s when he was in business with his brothers, and relied on GreenStone Farm Credit Services as his sole source of credit when he started Sackett Potatoes. He speaks of his positive relationship with GreenStone and how he appreciates their understanding of agriculture and continued customer service. Alan serves on GreenStone's Advisory Committee as a way to be involved with the organization from a stakeholder standpoint.

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