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Anne Galliher

Sanford, FL

Crooked Creek

Products: Horse boarding and therapy

Size of Operation: 16 head, 25 acres

In Business Since: 1998

Farm Credit Partner: Farm Credit of Central Florida

Working with Farm Credit Since: 1998

Anne Galliher has parlayed her love of horses and compassion for others into a full-fledged business that changes lives in The Sunshine State.

A native Floridian, Anne rode horses as a child and throughout high school, but she stepped away from the sport for decades. Then, when she was 48, her dear friend who had undergone surgery for a brain tumor asked Anne to help care for her therapy horse. Within a year, the friend had experienced amazing therapeutic results, and Anne had rediscovered her love of horses. In 1998, she purchased Crooked Creek, a 10-acre ranch, and leased an additional 15 adjacent acres.

“I tried financing through commercial banks, but they didn’t seem to understand the horse business. I found out about Farm Credit, and they loaned me the money to buy my dream property,” Anne says.

Crooked Creek is a full-service boarding facility with an on-site trainer. Today, Anne houses 16 horses, including four of her own. She relishes the frequent 12-hour workdays, working weekends and holidays because she dearly loves horses and her involvement with the Center for Horsemanship and Personal Success (CHAPS), a non-profit organization that Anne invites to use her property.

“Anne is a generous, caring person with a heart of gold. Allowing CHAPS to use her ranch has enabled countless adults, children, at-risk youngsters, veterans and anyone with a disability to experience the soothing therapy of horsemanship,” said Lori Johnson, a PATH certified riding instructor with CHAPS.

Anne’s compassion also led her to found her own non-profit organization, Freedom Ride, a 501c (3) therapeutic riding center, while boarding her horse at a local Longwood farm. “This is the horse that caused me to find the farm in Sanford and in turn begin my relationship with Farm Credit,” she says.

Perhaps the most poignant description of the impact horse therapy can have is summed up by a quote featured in Life magazine: “At the end of the program, one of the students was overheard saying goodbye to Cody, the therapy horse that she grew very close to. ‘Thank you,’ she whispered into Cody’s ear. ‘I’ve never loved anything before, but I love you, and I know you love me, too.’”

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