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Producing Excellence

Darren Grogan

Arlington, KY

Triple G Farms

Products Raised or Grown: Corn, wheat and soybeans

Size of Operation: 11,000 acres

In Business Since: 1997

Farm Credit Partner: River Valley AgCredit

Working with Farm Credit Snce: 1997

America’s farmers and ranchers are also savvy business people – investing in their crops or herds and caring for them until it’s time to harvest, market and sell their products, ideally for a profit that provides a reasonable income to support their families and finance future business activities.

Darren Grogan is no exception, working with his father and brother to run an 11,000 acre farm of corn, wheat and soybeans, a farm on which he employs modern technologies such as GPS, auto-steer and variable rate planting and spraying to lower input costs, reduce operating costs through efficiencies, and increase yields. “We’re trying to feed the world as cheaply as possible, and we need to have these technologies to do it,” says Darren. He expects to continue growing his farming operation, as well as expanding the number of acres he double-crops, planting soybeans on the same land where wheat has been harvested. Beyond increasing production on his farm, Darren has applied his business acumen more broadly, establishing two independent farm-related businesses, both of which have achieved significant success in a very short time.

Three years ago, Darren established an irrigation company that sells and installs equipment on area farms. “We were installing so many systems on our own land, we started working with a dealer to sell to other farmers,” Darren says. He took the opportunity further, and rather than just selling equipment, he also provides design and installation, using GPS to map fields and create custom-designed systems. He’s built this company to $2 million in sales, and expects to double that revenue in the next year.

This year, he helped start a crop dusting business, which also grew out of the need to provide for his own farm. “We do a considerable amount of aerial spraying for ourselves,” Darren says, “and sometimes the planes are tied up with other farmers and cooperatives.” Partnering with two other farmers and also with a pilot who will eventually become a full partner in the business, they purchased a million-dollar plane boasting state-of-the-art technology that increases accuracy and streamlines communications. “We can take an order from a customer, identify which fields they want sprayed, and send the map to the pilot while he’s in the air,” Darren says. “The system eliminates any off-target applications.” The crop dusting business has already attracted 30 – 40 customers, a number Darren expects to increase in future years.

His background and education in finance and economics has certainly contributed to his success, and also to his leadership position as a director for River Valley AgCredit, a role he’s been reelected to multiple times. “I really believe in the Farm Credit System,” he says. “The cooperative concept hasn’t worked in a lot of industries, but it has thrived in Farm Credit. And it will continue to thrive.”

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