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Producing Excellence

Dennis Ivers

Lawrence County, IL

Ivers Family Farm

Products Raised or Grown: Corn, soybeans and wheat

Size of Operation: 7,700 acres

Farm Credit Partner: Farm Credit Illinois

Working with Farm Credit Since: 1961

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Continued success in farming often means embracing change and a willingness to adopt new business processes and technologies. No one knows this more than Dennis Ivers, who farms approximately 7,700 acres of corn, soybeans, and wheat in Illinois on land owned by multiple landlords.

“Technology is a big factor affecting farming operations today. You’ve got GPS, yield monitors, and AutoSteer,” Dennis says. “And just the size of the equipment and how much you can harvest in a day is dramatically affecting the industry.” Investing in these new technologies is no small decision as a new combine/harvester can cost upwards of $500,000, but the efficiencies can make the investment worthwhile.

Dennis credits some of the family’s success to switching to “track” equipment, which, he explains, “makes for less soil compaction and gives us better yields.” Equally important, the Ivers have invested in expanding their grain facilities to keep pace with their increased harvest.

The Ivers embody the farming family tradition – Dennis’ father was a dairy farmer with just 400 acres, and he now works with his brother, George as well as his sons, Garret and Reese, and his nephew, David. Although working with multiple generations is a strong tradition in rural America, it by no means necessitates a traditional approach to farming. For example, Dennis’ son, Reese, built a website for the operation and also writes a blog.

“We have around 23 landlords and many of them are absentee. The website and blog are a good way for them to keep up with what’s going on,” said Dennis. “It’s also been a way to attract new business for the operation…we had a potential landlord look at our website, be impressed with what he saw, and ask us to rent his farm.”

Dennis believes that the younger generation will be vital to their continued success by bringing fresh, new ideas to this family farming operation.

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