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Meet Our Customers - Producing Excellence

Producing Excellence shares compelling stories of American farmers and ranchers, representing the diversity to be found in this thriving industry sector: operations large and small, organic and conventional, rural and urban, newcomers to agriculture and producers whose operations span generations. With financing from Farm Credit and critical services provided by rural utility companies also represented here, these successful business people are producing the food, fuel and fiber on which we all depend.

  • Jim Vermilya

    Dover, MN

    Hard work and honesty have built strong relationships for Jim Vermilya, which help him continue a history of farming success. Read More »
  • Fred Fleming

    Reardan, WA

    Shepherd's Grain markets sustainable wheat products to a specialized market. Read More »
  • Dennis Ivers

    Lawrence County, IL

    Evolving with the times has helped the Ivers family increase yields and expand their business. Read More »
  • Maykia Yang & Jim Xiong

    Carthage, NC

    Maykia Yang & Jim Xiong are growing a successful poultry operation, despite coming late to farming. Read More »
  • The Garay Family

    Arrey, NM

    Three generations of a New Mexico family have grown their chile processing business to 4.4 million pounds annually. Read More »
  • Dennis Derryck

    Schoharie County, NY

    College professor Dennis Derryck organized local vegetable growers to help a Bronx community, and also become a farmer himself. Read More »
  • Lisa and Gerry Kasberg

    Birome, TX

    Cotton-gin operators Lisa and Gerry Kasberg have done the improbable: figured out how to turn trash into cash. Read More »
  • Joe Freeman

    Senatobia, MS

    One career wasn't enough for Joe Freeman, who retired from a corporate management position to raise cattle. Read More »