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Producing Excellence

J.K. and Wayne Lovett

Heidelberg, MS

J.K. Lovett Farms and Anthony Lovett Farms

Products: Chicken and cattle

Size of Operation: 10 chicken houses

In Business Since: 1990

Farm Credit Partner: Southern AgCredit

Years Working with Farm Credit: 1997 and 1998

From logging to raising cattle to producing chickens, Mississippi’s J.K. Lovett and his son Wayne have always been willing to do what it takes to be successful farmers.

J.K. did factory work and operated his own logging business before taking a friend’s advice to enter the broiler chicken business in 1990. With a contract from a local integrated poultry producer, by the end of his first year, three new broiler houses were operating on J.K.’s rolling farmland. Since then, he built a fourth chicken house in 1993, six years later he expanded into the cattle business, and today keeps 28 Angus cows.

“It’s always better when you can be self-employed,” says J.K., who’s the third generation of his family to farm in this community. Farming has given them the opportunity to do just that.

Wayne, after studying education in college, worked with his dad, logging and running the poultry houses until he could build his own three chicken houses, with a contract with the same poultry integrator. Like his father, Wayne has diversified into cattle, running a cow-calf operation consisting of 45 mother cows, retaining the steer calves to grow out for market. On the side, he tends 20 acres of loblolly pines that he planted, and grows hay to sell to horse owners in the wintertime.

Dedicated to taking care of his land, Wayne has worked with the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service to implement a number of conservation measures. With the agency’s help, he fortified a levee near his pond and monitors lime and fertilizer use. He cross-fenced pastures and adopted a rotational grazing program that reduces erosion and allows the grass to rest. He also composts poultry waste and remains for use as organic fertilizer, thereby saving on input costs while reducing surface and groundwater pollution.

“Dad taught me to be a strong man, to take care of business first, and to take pride in everything I do,” Wayne says.

Through all of their business ventures and the challenges they’ve faced, the Lovetts have enjoyed the financing support of their Farm Credit lender. “The Lovett families are success stories,” says Glen Sowell, their longtime loan officer at Southern AgCredit. “We’re pleased to partner with them in their individual journeys to reach their financial goals.”

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