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Producing Excellence

Jed Welder

Greenville, MI

Trinity Farms

Products: Corn, soybeans and hops

Size of Operation: 800 acres

In Business since: 2008

Farm Credit Partner: GreenStone Farm Credit Services

Working with Farm Credit Since: 2008

Army veteran Jed Welder served multiple tours overseas as an armor officer, deploying to Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia during his military career. While he is quick to say he had the honor to serve with some of the greatest men and women in the world, in 2008 he and his wife decided to leave the Army and return home to Michigan.

“After repeated deployments and an ever-increasing operational tempo, we decided it was time to start both a family and a farm back in Michigan,” Jed says.

Jed quickly found that even a small farm requires hundreds of thousands of dollars in seed, fertilizer, and fuel each year to operate, and that in order to be able to farm full time successfully, he would need access to both land and capital.

“My small farm uses older equipment, but even that costs more than a mortgage most local banks would handle,” Jed says.

In the tradition of farming communities everywhere, Jed turned to his fellow producers for advice, not only on farming processes and operational challenges, but also on where to obtain the financing he needed to establish and grow his operation. They directed him to GreenStone Farm Credit Services, and he’s been a customer-owner of the financial cooperative ever since.

“They understood what I wanted to do and what I needed to run my operation,” says Jed. “They made good, solid recommendations and over time became a trusted partner.”

Today, Jed farms more than 800 acres, including land his parents had farmed since the 1960s. Initially raising corn and soybeans, Jed soon added one of the first hop yards in his county, and in 2015, added a grain drying and storage system with financing from GreenStone.

“As my business has changed and grown, GreenStone has grown with me,” he says. “Having a lender that works with me, that knows my farm and the challenges I face, is more important now than ever. They understand the crops in our area and what the prospects for harvest are because they are in the business of working with farmers every day.”

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