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Producing Excellence

Jim Danyow

Ferrisburg, VT

Type of Operation: Dairy and corn

Size of Operation: 775 head on 1,100 acres

In Business Since: 1968

Farm Credit Partner: Yankee Farm Credit

Working with Farm Credit Since: 1972

When Jim Danyow took over management of his family’s dairy farm at age 19, there was no way anyone could have known how far his business acumen and his dreams would take him. Over the past four decades, Jim has grown what was a small operation to become one of the most successful dairymen in the area.

Back in 1966, Jim was a recent high school graduate and FFA member when he assumed management of the farm. Not entirely satisfied with this plan long-term because of how it limited their economic opportunity, Jim and his wife, Jane, decided six years later to purchase the farm outright.

This level of commitment and confidence has served Jim well, as he has grown his operation from 60 to 775 cows, and from 400 acres to more than 1,100 acres of corn and forage crops that feed his herd. He’s also expanded his facilities over the years to keep up with the herd, and today has a modern freestall and double 12 parlor. He and Jane also raise all their own replacement cows.

Following in the family tradition, Jim has worked his son into the operation and recently sold his interest in livestock and machinery to him. In addition to loan financing, the Danyows have utilized Farm Credit’s record keeping and tax services for many years, and so have chosen to work with Farm Credit to plan a smooth generational transition of the farm as Jim enters semi-retirement.

When asked to reflect on his success, Jim says it stems from paying attention to every detail. Over the past four decades, this consistent focus has enabled him to significantly grow his business into a strong legacy to pass to his son.

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