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Meet Our Customers - Producing Excellence

Producing Excellence shares compelling stories of American farmers and ranchers, representing the diversity to be found in this thriving industry sector: operations large and small, organic and conventional, rural and urban, newcomers to agriculture and producers whose operations span generations. With financing from Farm Credit and critical services provided by rural utility companies also represented here, these successful business people are producing the food, fuel and fiber on which we all depend.

  • Fohn Bendele

    Hondo, TX

    Growing interest in sustainable agriculture led this farm family to raise grass-fed beef for local consumers. Read More »
  • The Bartak Family

    Anselmo, NE

    Helping share the story of agriculture, this farming family is featured in a new documentary series. Read More »
  • Randy McNeil

    Jonesboro, AR

    Continual expansion has enabled this ag businessman to buy and sell significant amounts of Arkansas rice. Read More »
  • Dick Tunnell

    Hyde County, NC

    This successful farmer's strong commitment extends to his community and his industry. Read More »
  • Billy Joe Leach

    Conehatta, MS

    Expansion, diversification and flexibility are watchwords for this lifelong farmer. Read More »
  • Tim and Tom Stuart

    Lake Odessa, MI

    Starting young and working closely with their father, these young brothers are poised for further success. Read More »
  • John Prukop

    Jim Wells County, TX

    Seeking new crops and new technology contributes to the success of this diversified farming operation. Read More »
  • The Sangiacomo Family

    Sonoma County, CA

    Three generations of the Sangiacomos have worked together for decades to build and grow their award-winning California vineyard. Read More »