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Meet Our Customers - Producing Excellence

Producing Excellence shares compelling stories of American farmers and ranchers, representing the diversity to be found in this thriving industry sector: operations large and small, organic and conventional, rural and urban, newcomers to agriculture and producers whose operations span generations. With financing from Farm Credit and critical services provided by rural utility companies also represented here, these successful business people are producing the food, fuel and fiber on which we all depend.

  • Donnie Montgomery and David Bower

    Burnt Chimney, VA

    Launching a creamery and a home delivery service has helped these partners expand their dairy farms. Read More »
  • Ryan and Steve Brooks

    Bowman, ND

    These farmer/ranchers have grown their annual cattle auction to more than 1,500 head and their farm to 4,000 acres. Read More »
  • Greenleaf Nursery Co.

    Parkhill, OK

    Changes in weather conditions led this major nursery to develop self-propagated plants, which are now virtually all it sells. Read More »
  • Ree Drummond

    Pawhuska, OK

    The Pioneer Woman hosts her own Food Network program and blog and has published multiple cookbooks, all built on her life as a farm wife. Read More »
  • Harvey Heier

    Grainfield, KS

    Investment in a local ethanol plant provides a consistent outlet for this corn and milo producer, even after almost doubling his acreage. Read More »
  • Shawn and Shane Tiffany

    Herrington, KS

    Focusing on individualized marketing and risk management strategies for their customers have helped these brothers build a thriving feed yard. Read More »
  • Kinley Sorrells

    Comanche, TX

    In addition to domestic and international wholesale customers, this pecan farmer has established his own physical and online retail outlets. Read More »
  • Bob & Mary Ihlenfeld

    West Bend, WI

    Being featured in a country music video was a chance in a lifetime for one Wisconsin dairy family. Read More »