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Meet Our Customers - Producing Excellence

Producing Excellence shares compelling stories of American farmers and ranchers, representing the diversity to be found in this thriving industry sector: operations large and small, organic and conventional, rural and urban, newcomers to agriculture and producers whose operations span generations. With financing from Farm Credit and critical services provided by rural utility companies also represented here, these successful business people are producing the food, fuel and fiber on which we all depend.

All profiles tagged with "Nuts":
  • Ted Sheely

    Lemoore, CA

    Strategic investments in irrigation positioned this family farm to weather the record California drought. Read More »
  • Steve and Kevin Dennis

    Maxwell, CA

    Vertical integration in California's rice industry starts with growing seed and ends with milling for these successful brothers. Read More »
  • Kent Fann

    Salemburg, NC

    This diversified farming family gives back to their community by hosting Farm Safety Days for local children. Read More »
  • Norma and Darrell Cordova

    Denair, CA

    Since leaving their careers to return to the farm, this couple has embraced technology and innovation to evolve their operation. Read More »
  • Dr. Bart Heuler

    Bowie, AZ

    Improved pistachio "super trees" deliver increased yields for this Arizona farmer, producing 40% more than the U.S. average. Read More »
  • Camilla, GA

    Global demand for pecans, most significantly from China, has led this sheller to significantly increase capacity at his two plants. Read More »
  • The Marchini Family

    Le Grand, CA

    Generations of tradition combined with modern technology support this multi-generational farming operation. Read More »
  • The Davenport Family

    Pactolus, NC

    This large, diversified crop and seed treatment company started as a 300-acre tobacco farm. Read More »