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Producing Excellence

The Lanford Family

Truth or Consequences, NM

Lanford Livestock LLC

Products: Cattle

Size of Operation: 145 cow/calf pairs

In Business Since: 1981

Farm Credit Partner: Farm Credit of New Mexico

Working with Farm Credit Since: 1992 and 2014

William “Doc" Lanford and his two sons, Dick and Ben, have built a shining example of a successful family operation that continues to thrive. Doc founded the family ranch in 1981 with 12 cows on one piece of property. His sons, Dick and Ben, joined the family operation and the three became partners in Lanford Livestock LLC in 2013, establishing the family's fifth generation of ranchers.

The Lanford men have all served our country. Doc began the family's commitment to military service in 1974 when he enlisted and served until 1977. Dick enlisted in the Marines in 2002 in an engineering battalion and was honorably discharged in 2006 after completing three tours in Iraq. Ben enlisted in the Marines in 2005 and served as squad leader in Afghanistan and Iraq tours. He earned the Navy Commendation Medal with a combat V for valor for actions in combat and the Marine Corps Commendation Metal. Ben was honorably discharged in 2009.

Doc brought his sons up with the morals he was raised with and the discipline and work ethic he continued to foster as a Marine. According to the boys, Doc lives his life in a military way: be on time and do it right the first time. Today, they leverage each other's skills to improve and grow Lanford Livestock LLC, a ranch and excavation company in New Mexico where they manage a 145-head cow/calf operation and a pasture farm. Their excavation services involve all things ranch and earth related and they continue to grow their capabilities expand their business.

The Lanfords bank exclusively with Farm Credit New Mexico (FCNM). Doc says, “You can count on Farm Credit of New Mexico to ride through the storm with you." When Dick and Ben joined the business last year, FCNM was there to help, and Doc particularly appreciates the efforts of the employees on their FCNM team. “I appreciate working with a bank that is willing to give young people a chance," he says. “Their goal is to meet their obligations and stay in good standing with Farm Credit of New Mexico."

Since forming their partnership, the ranch has had its most successful year in the past twenty-five, success that has enabled them to give back to the community by sponsoring local events. Their public service also continues: last year, both Dick and Doc earned recognition for risking life and equipment to rescue a man driving across raging waters during a major flood.

In addition to their ranch and excavation company, all three Lanfords also work off-farm jobs: Doc is a heavy equipment operator for the Bureau of Reclamation, Dick is a facility operations manager and Ben is a game warden for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services. Their agricultural operation remains their top priority, though, and they remain committed to their goals and to each other.

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