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Producing Excellence

The Sangiacomo Family

Sonoma County, CA

Sangiacomo Family Vineyards

Products Raised or Grown: Grapes

Size of Operation: 14 vineyards

In Business Since: 1933

Farm Credit Partner: American AgCredit

Working with Farm Credit Since: 1970

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In 1927, Vittorio Sangiacomo embraced his love of the land and established what has become a multi-generational farming legacy. After emigrating to America from Italy at 17, Vittorio spent years working for others, first as an agricultural field worker, then as a garbage collector in San Francisco. Eventually, he purchased a 52-acre fruit tree ranch in Sonoma, and with his wife and later his children, expanded it to become the largest pear-producing farmer in Sonoma County.

Recognizing that wine was growing in popularity in America and that Northern California wines were gaining greater respect, in 1969 the family decided to convert their fruit orchards to vineyards, a process completed in the early 1980s. Today, the second and third generations of Sangiacomos work together to provide premium grapes to more than 50 award-winning wineries, awards built in part on the strength of the Sangiacomos’ products. That this family business has achieved this level of success is a testament to both their commitment to delivering quality grapes to their clients and their appreciation for the land.

The Sonoma County in California has 14 individual American Viticultural Areas (AVAs), each with its own geography, climate and soils. These variations give rise to the distinctions in the flavor profile of the grapes grown there, nuances that directly affect the flavor of any wine made with them. Capitalizing on this, Sangiacomo Family Vineyards farms more than 100 unique sites spread over 14 vineyards in four AVAs. They plant these vineyards with clones and rootstocks that capitalize on the advantages each location offers, enabling them to farm for specific flavors and other characteristics in demand by their clients.

This close relationship with the land and their vines has led the Sangiacomos to implement sustainable farming methods, with the goal of reducing the amount of inputs required to grow the highest quality wine grapes possible. These inputs range from electrical usage to the nutrients in the soils. The family also works to create optimal conditions for their vines by using cover crops to stem erosion, making conscientious fertility decisions and managing the vine canopy meticulously. They also harvest mostly by hand, believing that manual collection produces the best grapes, delivered to their clients in pristine condition.

Three generations of Sangiacomos have worked tirelessly to build a successful and well-respected farming operation…and one of their biggest goals for the future is that their legacy continue with the fourth generation and beyond.

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