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Producing Excellence

Tony Ahern

Columbus, OH

Buckeye Power

Products: electric power generation

Size of Operation: 400,000 homes and businesses

Farm Credit Partner: CoBank

Buckeye Power knows the importance of dependability. Twenty- five electric distribution cooperatives rely on Buckeye every day to supply power to more than 400,000 homes and businesses they serve in rural communities across the state of Ohio.

As it works to meet future demand, Buckeye is also taking steps to protect the environment. In recent years, the company has added to its capacity by investing in a variety of renewable energy sources, including wind, hydro-electric and biogas. It also continues to make its traditional coal-fired plants, which provide the bulk of its power supply, even cleaner.

In 2012, a $125 million financing package from CoBank helped Buckeye fund capital expenditures needed to keep older plants in compliance with increasingly stringent environmental laws. Buckeye’s flagship power plant, the Cardinal Power Station, emerged from the upgrade as a best-in-class facility, with new flue gas desulfurization systems that significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“This project was an important part of our overall plan to continually improve our environmental performance,” said Tony Ahern, Buckeye’s CEO. “The debt capital provided by CoBank was essential, and we really appreciate having a provider of financing like CoBank that knows us well and understands our industry.”

“Buckeye Power’s progressive approach is enabling them to meet the demands of their customers for reliable, affordable electricity while reducing environmental impacts at the same time,” said Todd Telesz, senior vice president and manager of CoBank’s Power Supply Banking Division. “We’re delighted to have worked with Buckeye on this initiative and continuing to work with them on other projects. We value the trust they place in our relationship as their long-term financial partner.”

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