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National 4-H Council

As the largest youth development organization in America, 4-H helps millions of our country’s young people develop leadership skills, embrace a spirit of community service and learn important life lessons. The winner of this year’s Youth Action Award, Morgan Billingslea-Walker, certainly understands the values 4-H teaches

Even the smallest thing you do for your community can make a big difference to someone.

Even the smallest thing you do for your community can make a big difference to someone, she says, speaking of her volunteer experience that ranges from working in soup kitchens to helping teach health and wellness in her local elementary schools. “I’ve learned a lot, too. Because of my teaching experience, I have a healthier lifestyle now, and so does my family.” Morgan plans to expand her volunteering in the future, giving even more back to her community.

This volunteerism is one reason Morgan was selected for the Youth Action Award, which recognizes one young person in the country who serves as a catalyst and an inspiration for positive change. Farm Credit sponsors the Youth Action Award as well as the Citizenship Washington Focus program, which sends 2,000 teens each year for a week to our nation’s capital to learn about the history of our nation, the leaders who have shaped it and how they can apply their growing leadership and citizenship skills to contribute in their local communities.

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