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The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers

Started in 1991, The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers (TEPAP) teaches agribusiness leaders important business skills including international business development, niche market evaluation, analyzing and forecasting financial position, and personnel management. Through an intensive week of classroom sessions with some of the nation’s most prominent agricultural economists and agribusiness specialists, the program helps farmers and ranchers develop the ability to anticipate and adapt to business and market changes so that they’re better positioned for the long-term.

Iowan Tim Richter and his brother were co-owners of a hog feed operation that was, according to him, completely antiquated. The buildings and equipment needed replaced and neither he nor his brother saw any real future for the operation.

“We were at a crossroads as to whether to keep the operation or not when we heard about TEPAP,” he says. They now run an updated and thriving 7,000 acre operation, and grow corn on 6,000 acres to support their feed operation. Tim credits TEPAP with his success, saying that it opened his eyes to possibilities and gave him confidence to make those possibilities realities.

Farm Credit's sponsorship of TEPAP supported a record 160 agricultural executives this year.

Tim is just one of the 1,300 helped so far by TEPAP, and he credits the program with his current success.

Farm Credit’s 2011 sponsorship of TEPAP supported a record 160 agricultural executives like Tim in learning to better manage the issues facing today’s complex farm and ranch businesses and ultimately achieve greater levels of success.

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