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Business of Agriculture: Building Your Succession Planning Advisory Team

Developing an effective succession plan that will protect your assets and help you manage the smooth transition of your operation is a process that involves many complex decisions. The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone…in fact, you shouldn’t. Instead, given the legal, financial and business issues at stake, we recommend that you work with a team of professionals to help you make the best decisions possible. Read More


Ag News Roundup: March 2015

Agriculture received mainstream media attention in March, with ABC’s “Bachelor Farmer” Chris Soules proposing to his final choice of contestants, and bringing attention to farming with his new website promoting modern agriculture. National Ag Day also helped bring awareness to the importance of agriculture in celebrations held throughout the country. Agriculture is also being seen as a thriving employment sector, with coverage touting the plethora of career choices available in the industry. Read More


April 2015 Preview: Earth Day, Soy Foods Month and Industry Events

The start of April means Earth Day is coming, a chance for us to appreciate our planet and all it offers – food, fuel, fiber and water. We can also thank the sun, which is increasingly being used to generate clean electricity. Although solar energy generation is still a small portion of total capacity, it grew more than 400 percent in four years and is set to continue expanding. With nearly $100 billion invested, Farm Credit is one of the largest financers of renewable energy projects in the country. Read More


Women’s History Month: Highlights from USDA’s #womeninag Series

In honor of Women’s History Month in March, the USDA blog featured a series devoted to four notable women in agriculture. Here are some highlights of what they had to say. Read More


Rural America Matters: A Case for Rural Broadband

Nearly 60 million Americans reside in rural communities, and depend on their mobile phones and internet connectivity as much as those in urban areas – they talk, text, email and Skype with family and friends, shop and sell items on websites like eBay and Etsy, do research, work remotely and pursue online education opportunities. Read More

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