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Business of Agriculture: Transitioning the Farm to the Next Generation

Farms and ranches are valuable enterprises, both for the food they provide and for the equity accrued over time in their assets: land, equipment, facilities and livestock. With 87 percent of America’s farms and ranches family-owned, these assets are often passed to the next generation. This transition process is rife with operational, financial and interpersonal considerations; a comprehensive succession plan is essential to managing the issues effectively. Read More


In Case You Missed It 2013: Generations on the Farm

Research has told us what many already know: American farmers are getting older. According to the the most recent data Ag Census data, the average age of U.S. farm operators rose from 55 in 2002 to 57 in 2007. There has been a 20 percent increase in the number of operators 75 years and older, and a 30 decrease in the number of operators under 25 years of age. Read More


Succession Planning: Keeping the Farm in the Family

Father's Day: a time to celebrate dads, grandpas and great grandpas everywhere, especially our customers who work side-by-side with the next generation to keep their family farms thriving, and in the family. No doubt, some days are tough, but those able to work with family are a very lucky group. Read More


July 2012 Wrap-Up

July had both highs and lows, with some of the month’s biggest news projected to impact both agricultural producers and consumers for years to come. Read More


Farm Credit Featured in USA Today

This morning, three Farm Credit Producing Excellence customers were featured alongside AgSouth Farm Credit’s Van McCall, in a USA Today story highlighting the importance and complexities of preparing the next generation to feed a nation and the world. The story features Farm Credit Services of Hawaii customer Eric Tanouye, AgSouth Farm Credit customers Jimmy and Jake Carter and AgCredit customers Lee and Dusten Watson. Read More

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