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From the Field: Food Hubs Open Markets for Local Foods

The Farm Credit System’s commitment to young, beginning and small farmers in all types of agriculture was on full display at last week’s National Good Food Network (NGFN) conference in Raleigh, NC. The event brought farmers, investors, buyers and community leaders together around the growing business of regional food hubs. These aggregators of products from small farms -- more than 250 hubs across the country -- bridge the wholesale gap between local food producers and larger buyers. Read More


Ag News Roundup: January 2014

January 2014 saw an important milestone: after two years of effort, the House of Representatives approved a Farm Bill. The bill now rests with the Senate, which is expected to vote in early February. Offsetting that good news for the agriculture industry were severe weather challenges: a polar vortex crippled large portions of the country, impacting agricultural production, and a drought in California, called by some the worst in 500 years, has forced both farmers and ranchers to modify their operations and California’s governor to declare a state of emergency. Read More


In Case You Missed It: Top Stories in 2013

There are just a few hours left in 2013. Start your countdown to the New Year early with a look back at Farm Credit's top ten moments of the year. We wish you and yours a happy and prosperous 2014! Read More


In Case You Missed It 2013: Young, Beginning, Small & Minority Farmers

Diversity among America’s agricultural producers is increasing, with the number of Asian farm operators growing by 40 percent, the number of Hispanic-owned farms increasing by nearly 10 percent and farm ownership by women increasing by 30 percent between 2002 and 2007. The age of U.S. farmers is also diversifying, with significant numbers of operators under 25 years old. Farm Credit customers like Orlando Cadena, Natalie Gilbert and Andrew Hartshorn exemplify the changing face of America's farmers and ranchers. Read More


Ag News Roundup: November 2013

Another month has gone by without the passage of a new Farm Bill, as Congress continues negotiations. Yet November was a month of thanks and giving for Farm Credit -- on Veterans Day we announced a significant two-year contribution to the Farmer Veteran Coalition’s “Homegrown By Heroes” program, which will help increase sales of veteran-grown agricultural products. Later in the month, a group of five Farm Credit organizations donated $175,000 to help the South Dakota ranchers devastated by the October blizzard, and we gave thanks all month long for many of the diverse producers and organizations that help make U.S. agriculture so successful. Read More

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