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Ag News Roundup: February 2015

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced multiple financial aid programs to support agriculture and rural America in February. Among the available funds are $160 million to support food and agriculture research, education and extension, $16 million to support food production and increase food security, and $14 million to support economic growth in rural communities. USDA also announced several programs to support under-served groups, including $18 million in grants to train beginning farmers and ranchers, and $9 million to help socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers and farmer veterans. Read More


Ag News Roundup: October 2014

World Food Day on October 16 focused much attention on the role of the 500 million family farmers in feeding and providing food security to the world’s population. One report revealed that 80 percent of the world’s food is raised by family farmers. In a related announcement, the USDA stated that it will be changing its lending policy – expanding eligibility and increasing lending limits - to help more beginning and family farmers. Read More


Farmland Film Now Available Online

Last spring, Academy-award winning director James Moll brought his vision to the industry that touches us all – agriculture. Focusing on six young producers who represent different industries and different approaches – livestock and produce, organic and conventional, large and small – the film Farmland highlights the challenges agriculture and especially young producers face, whether they’re starting their operations from scratch or taking over from the previous generation. Read More


Ag News Roundup: September 2014

Rural and agricultural economic issues led the news in September, including impacts on farmers, families, communities and industries. Land values remain high, even though corn prices that drive much of this value are dropping due to record yields that are reducing prices and therefore farm income. In part due to this reduced income, the median farm income and the Rural Mainstreet Economic Index have dropped significantly, and farmers themselves are less confident. Read More


Ag News Roundup: August 2014

International and domestic politics targeted U.S. agriculture in August: Russia instituted sanctions restricting agricultural imports for a year, including fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, milk and dairy products; closer to home, Missouri became the second state (after North Dakota) to define farming as a constitutional right, passing a “Right to Farm” amendment to the state constitution that is aimed to protect agricultural interests. The controversial amendment vote is undergoing a recount. Read More

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