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In Case You Missed It: The Business of Agriculture

Managing a successful farm or ranch takes an extensive amount of knowledge about how best to care for crops and livestock in order to increase yields and produce abundant, safe and affordable food. In addition to these areas of expertise, agricultural producers are also business managers working to build and manage thriving operations. In 2014, The AGgregator launched the Business of Agriculture blog series to shed light on some of these business topics. Primarily authored by experienced subject matter experts from within the Farm Credit System, here’s what we covered this year. Read More


In Case You Missed It: Farm Credit on Cattleman to Cattleman

This fall, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s Cattlemen to Cattlemen TV show featured two agricultural education and training programs that Farm Credit supports through the National Contributions Program. Read More


Business of Agriculture: New Farm Bill Safety Net Options

The 2014 Farm Bill includes provisions for new safety net programs covering most major grain commodities, including wheat, corn, grain sorghum, barley, oats, soybeans, peanuts and other legumes. The programs, much like crop insurance, are intended to protect farmers from the economic impact of unexpected market or weather events. While this objective is straightforward, the new program requirements are quite complex. Read More


December 2014 Preview: Year In Review

This month on The AGgregator, we’ll be highlighting and recapping some of the year’s most popular topics in our annual 'In Case You Missed It' series. Join us as we countdown to 2015 and dive deeper into the following topics. Read More


Business of Agriculture: Transitioning the Farm to the Next Generation

Farms and ranches are valuable enterprises, both for the food they provide and for the equity accrued over time in their assets: land, equipment, facilities and livestock. With 87 percent of America’s farms and ranches family-owned, these assets are often passed to the next generation. This transition process is rife with operational, financial and interpersonal considerations; a comprehensive succession plan is essential to managing the issues effectively. Read More

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