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Business of Agriculture: Spring Crop Insurance Deadline is March 16

The spring sales season for crop insurance is just around the corner, with important decisions needing to be made and new programs from the 2014 Farm Bill to be carefully considered. Here are just a few of the new changes for the 2015 crop year. Read More


Business of Agriculture: 5 Steps in Effective Succession Planning

As agricultural producers start to think about planning for the eventual transition of their operation to the next generation, there are five essential steps that will facilitate a smooth transition and help ensure the financial stability of all involved. Read More


March 2015 Preview: Women’s History Month, Crop Insurance Deadline and AgDay

Unless you are reading this from Florida, the view out your window, or nearby, likely includes a dusting (or more) of snow. This year’s record-breaking winter has increased hay demand and stalled the maple syrup season. And while March 1 is considered the meteorological spring in the United States, we will have to wait until March 20 to officially welcome Spring and a prelude to a bevy of planting activity as farmers work to get early crops into the ground. Read More


Business of Agriculture: Common Hurdles to Success in Succession Planning

Succession planning is something most farmers and ranchers know they ought to do to protect the agricultural operations they’ve built and to provide for their families. Unfortunately, it’s also a topic rife with emotion and that requires sometimes awkward conversations, so it’s often postponed. Below are five common reasons why a farmer or rancher will put off their succession planning, along with suggestions to resolve these issues. Read More


Business of Agriculture: Choosing the Right Financial Partner

Finding the right lender for an agricultural operation is a key business decision that can impact the success of an operation. Because of the high capital needs and the cyclical nature of agriculture – as soon as one season is over, preparation for the next begins – farmers and ranchers are best served when they find a lender with whom they can work long-term, both working together for the producer’s success. Read More

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