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Business of Agriculture: Choosing the Right Financial Partner

Finding the right lender for an agricultural operation is a key business decision that can impact the success of an operation. Because of the high capital needs and the cyclical nature of agriculture – as soon as one season is over, preparation for the next begins – farmers and ranchers are best served when they find a lender with whom they can work long-term, both working together for the producer’s success. Read More


Ag News Roundup: December 2014

The end of the year is typically a time for reflection and planning, and agricultural news joined the trend. AgWeb released its “Top 20 Highlights” of 2014 events impacting farmers; farm incomes, farmland values, weather, crop prices and the passage of the Farm Bill all made the list. AgWeek meanwhile took a look ahead, predicting more of the same for 2015: weather challenges, price fluctuations, Farm Bill confusion, international and environmental controversy, and the continued hurdles for entering agricultural production. Read More


January 2015 Preview: Financial Wellness Month and Industry Events

Gearing back up for work after the relaxation of the holidays can be a challenge, often overlaid by the pressure of well-meaning New Year’s Resolutions. Whether you’ve decided to lose weight, quit smoking or be nicer to your in-laws, be sure to include managing your finances on your list of to-dos. To encourage you in these efforts, consider that January is designated as Financial Wellness Month, a time to establish a positive financial platform for the year. Check out our Business of Agriculture series to help you get started. Read More


In Case You Missed It: Top 10 Blogs of 2014

The AGgregator blog is host to a wide variety of articles. Some highlight America’s farmers and ranchers, some cover business topics, some feature industry organizations, and some discuss topical issues. In 2014, these blog articles garnered nearly one million views , indicating the content we develop to inform and entertain is being appreciated. Read More


In Case You Missed It: The Business of Agriculture

Managing a successful farm or ranch takes an extensive amount of knowledge about how best to care for crops and livestock in order to increase yields and produce abundant, safe and affordable food. In addition to these areas of expertise, agricultural producers are also business managers working to build and manage thriving operations. In 2014, The AGgregator launched the Business of Agriculture blog series to shed light on some of these business topics. Primarily authored by experienced subject matter experts from within the Farm Credit System, here’s what we covered this year. Read More

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