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From the Field: Women Making Waves

Farm Credit’s National Contributions Program supports a diverse group of industry organizations, which sometimes find ways to collaborate to further support the industry. National Farmers Union and Annie’s Project did just that earlier this year at the Women’s Conference in Clearwater, Florida. Read More


NAMA Social Media Corps is Set for the AMC

Nothing is better for college students than real-world experience in their chosen field. Farm Credit and the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) have teamed up to deliver exactly that to the 2014 NAMA Social Media Corps - a group of 21 agricultural communications students who applied and were selected to collect and distribute original content on NAMA's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels during the Agri-Marketing Conference in Jacksonville, Fla. April 9-11. Read More


Announcing Farm Credit's 2014 National Contributions Award Recipients

As this season of giving is upon us, we are proud to announce Farm Credit's 2014 National Contributions award recipients. For nearly 100 years, Farm Credit has been committed to our mission of service to rural America. Through our National Contributions Program, Farm Credit is working to ensure a vibrant and thriving rural America for generations to come. Read More


From the Field: NAFB Trade Talk Social Media Corps

A few weeks ago, Farm Credit and the National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB) began recruiting agricultural communications students from across the country to broadcast the annual Trade Talk event through social media. In order to be chosen for the event students had to apply through social media. After a selection process eight qualifying students were chosen and made the trip to Kansas City, Mo., for the event of a lifetime. Read More


From the Field: Northeast Regional Dairy Challenge

Education, teamwork, personal development and networking are key components of Dairy Challenge®, an innovative program designed to prepare students for careers in the dairy industry. With one national contest and four regional contests, Dairy Challenge reaches more than 500 students each year. Read More

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