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In Case You Missed It: Top 10 Blogs of 2014

The AGgregator blog is host to a wide variety of articles. Some highlight America’s farmers and ranchers, some cover business topics, some feature industry organizations, and some discuss topical issues. In 2014, these blog articles garnered nearly one million views , indicating the content we develop to inform and entertain is being appreciated. Read More


In Case You Missed It: Diversity & Inclusion

Agriculture is growing more diverse each year, with a diverse group of producers managing many different types of farms, and raising a broad variety of crops and livestock. It’s no surprise, then, that Farm Credit is committed to fostering diversity and embracing inclusion in our operations, both in the employees we hire and the customers we serve. Read More


December 2014 Preview: Year In Review

This month on The AGgregator, we’ll be highlighting and recapping some of the year’s most popular topics in our annual 'In Case You Missed It' series. Join us as we countdown to 2015 and dive deeper into the following topics. Read More


Celebrating and Supporting Latinos in Agriculture

The most recent ag census found that the number of Hispanic and Latino principle farm and ranch operators increased 21 percent over the previous census just five years earlier. This is welcome news as it represents one vibrant aspect of the future of our agricultural system, which will be facing two significant pressures - an increased demand for production to feed the growing global and U.S. population, at the same time as much of the current farmer and rancher population is edging toward retirement. Read More


Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15 marks the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, a 30-day celebration of Hispanic and Latino cultures and their contributions to America. Nowhere is this contribution more important than in agriculture, where an increasing number of Hispanic and Latino principle operators are growing the crops to feed the nation. Read More

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