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From the Field: Women Making Waves

Farm Credit’s National Contributions Program supports a diverse group of industry organizations, which sometimes find ways to collaborate to further support the industry. National Farmers Union and Annie’s Project did just that earlier this year at the Women’s Conference in Clearwater, Florida. Read More


One Woman’s Story: Carrying on in the Face of Adversity

Gloria Ann Conant spent the early years of her married life as a farmwife, from her marriage in 1947 to the untimely and unexpected death of her husband in 1969. With the fortitude and determination that abounds in American agriculture, she then took over running their Vermont dairy that had been in the Conant family since 1854, at a time when women were not expected or encouraged to assume leadership roles in agriculture. Read More


Women's History Month: Retrospect on Women’s Role in Agriculture

“The farmer’s wife must know her own business, which includes the greatest variety of trades and occupations ever combined…Think of them: cook, baker, seamstress, laundrywoman, nurse, chambermaid…She is a poultry keeper, an expert in dairy work, a specialist in canning, preserving and pickling – and besides all else, she must be the mother of the family and a smiling hostess.” Read More


The Critical Roles of Women in Agriculture

Saturday was International Women’s Day, a worldwide celebration of the contributions women make to our global society. In decades and centuries past, these contributions often went unrecognized, and nowhere is this more true than in agriculture. Read More


Women in Agriculture – From Farm Wife to Partner

March is Women’s History Month and this year’s theme is “Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment.” The theme rings true for women involved in agriculture because the business of agriculture requires character, courage and commitment. Read More

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