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Let Us Give Thanks for a Safe and Abundant 2014 Harvest

As millions of Americans head off to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s time to consider the abundance of food that we’ll enjoy and that’s grown through the daily commitment of our country’s farmers and ranchers. Read More


Producing Excellence Reaches all 50 States and Puerto Rico

Without question, America’s farmers and ranchers work hard every single day, applying an unwavering commitment to providing safe, affordable and abundant food for our nation and the world. Farm Credit’s Producing Excellence Program was launched in 2011 to highlight this dedication, featuring stories of Farm Credit customers from across the country and representing the diversity of American agriculture. Read More


Farm to Plate: Kwanzaa

Compared to some other winter celebrations, Kwanzaa is relatively new holiday, established in 1966 to recognize and honor African family, community and culture. It is founded on the centuries-old tradition of harvest celebrations in Africa, from which it takes its name: Kwanzaa, a Swahili word, translates to “first fruits". Read More


Farm to Plate: The Beauty of Christmas

Christmas is a time of joy, peace and good will. For many of us, it’s also a time of family gatherings, brightly wrapped gifts and traditional foods: turkey and ham, roasted potatoes and stuffing, green beans and cranberry sauce, all brought to us through the hard work every day of our country’s farmers and ranchers. Read More


In Case You Missed It 2013: Women in Agriculture

Women have been integral to smoothly running farming operations since farming began, though their efforts were traditionally less visible than their male counterparts. Today, an increasing number of women are stepping to the forefront, owning their operations and taking part in all aspects of farm management including operations, fieldwork and marketing. Read More

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