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August 5 Kicks Off National Farmers' Market Week

Louisville, KY – July 31, 2012 - As National Farmers Market Week kicks off on August 5, more and more consumers are enjoying the benefits of fresh produce and great deals offered by locally produced foods. “We see an emerging trend of products that are produced and sold on the farm or delivered directly to the consumer at local Farmers’ Markets,” said David Lynn, senior vice president with Farm Credit Mid-America in Louisville, an agricultural lender who finances many farm families involved in locally produced foods.  “There are more than 7,100 farmers markets operating throughout the United States, compared to less than 3,000 a decade ago.”

At one time, local foods took a backseat to other methods of food production.  But today, they’re helping meet the demands of a choosier consumer, one that increasingly expects products to be ‘local’ as well as fresh and affordable. The local Farmers Market is one way to creatively deliver what consumers are demanding.

“Why wouldn’t you want to purchase your produce from a family with a name and a face,” said Lynn. “The overall experience of meeting the people who are growing your food is more real than shopping in a super mart.”

The Lexington Farmers Market in Kentucky serves as a prime example of how the local food movement has gained momentum over the years. As one of the more established markets in the state (they’ve been in business more than 30 years and have more than 70 farmer vendors during peak season), the market has not only become all about locally produced foods, but also offers a great atmosphere with live  music and other entertainment.

“Farmers markets are a great way to purchase fresh, nutritious foods and promote nutrition education and wholesome eating habits in households. They play a key role in developing local and regional food systems that support the sustainability of family farms and it keeps the product local so it’s a great way to boost our rural community’s economy,” Lynn said.

About Farm Credit Mid-America
Farm Credit Services of Mid-America is an $18.4 billion financial services cooperative serving more than 96,500 farmers, agribusinesses and rural residents in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. The association provides loans for farm and rural living purposes including real estate, operating equipment and housing and related services such as crop insurance, and vehicle, equipment and building leases. For more information about Farm Credit, call 1-800-444-FARM or visit them on the web at

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