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Farm to Plate: Spring Traditions

Spring has sprung for farmers, ranchers and consumers across the country who are gearing up for this time of rebirth and new growth. The season also brings a host of beloved traditions. Here are some examples of how America’s farmers and ranchers play an important role in providing spring favorites.

  • A hard-boiled egg is featured on the Passover Seder plate.Steve Nichols at Chino Valley Ranchers manages the production of 600 million specialty eggs annually.
  • This Easter, families across the country will gather for festive meals that often include ham as a main dish. Beginning farmers John and Kati Hagenbuch raise 9,600 hogs in their Illinois facility, which features state-of-the-art technology to ensure animal quality and safety.
  • As the days lengthen and the sun grows stronger, America’s fertile ground warms and hundreds of thousands of farmers prepare their acreage for spring planting. Tim Stuart, a young farmer who works with his brother Tom and their father, produces 13,000 bags of corn and soybean seed every year to supply growers throughout his region.
  • Farmers aren’t the only folks ready to put new growth into the ground.While it’s still early in the year for northern states, our southern friends are ready to plant colorful shrubs and flowers in their own backyards. Greenleaf Nursery, headquartered in Oklahoma, produces 14 million container plants annually that are sold throughout 45 states and Canada.
  • Baseball has been in full swing since Opening Day on April 3rd. Many spectators enjoy a variety of ballpark snacks, including peanuts – which may come courtesy of the Davenport family, who has raised a variety of crops on their North Carolina farm for five generations.

From the ball park and family gatherings, to southern gardens and acres of farmland, Americans are springing into the season – but don’t forget to #ThankAFarmer for working year-round to raise the products we hold dear this time of year!