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Father's Day 2017

Across rural America, farmers and ranchers pass down a tradition of hard work and dedication to their children, sometimes building on generations of family commitment to producing safe and abundant food. These children often grow up to join the family operation, having learned a love of the land and the animals in their care along with the work ethic and specialized knowledge necessary to succeed in agriculture. Here are a few examples of multi-generational farmers and ranchers who have worked side-by-side as farm families, building a legacy likely to be passed on to the next generation:

  • Jenny Crist came home to her family’s apple orchard operation after working several years off-farm after college. Now she’s working alongside her father and mother every day. The family started the now-600 acre orchard 120 years ago, making Jenny the fifth generation to follow the family farming tradition.
  • Ben LaCross helps his father Glenn manage their 750 acres of cherry orchards, which he hopes to take over one day. He’s also helping at the cherry processing plant Glenn owns. The family has a comprehensive transition plan in place to help protect the assets that their hard work has built over the years.
  • Everette Medlin, who farms with his sons, Drew and Brett, says that one reason for his success is their commitment to run the farm like a business. Cost accounting and risk management techniques on the business side combine with no-till and GPS field mapping on the farming side have helped this 2,500-acre row crop operation flourish.
  • For generations, the Bendele family has raised cattle on their Texas ranch. Today, Fohn Bendele and his brother, Eric, work with their father, Steve, to raise a more specialized product: purely grass-fed cows that produce meat. San Antonio restaurants serve Bendele’s products and local families buy the beef at local farmers’ markets.
  • Tim and Tom Stuart both knew from a young age that they wanted to farm when they grew up. Tim works closely with their father, Brian, on the family’s seed and grain business, while Tom focuses on raising sweet corn. The younger generation plans to follow in their father’s footsteps and continue growing the family farm.

To these Farm Credit customers and the many thousands of other farming and ranching fathers who partner with Farm Credit for the financing they need to help their operations thrive, we wish a very happy Father’s Day!