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From the Field: AFBF Annual Convention

Greetings from the 94th annual convention of the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF)! More than 6,000 farmers and ranchers are here with me in Nashville with one common goal – work together to build strong, prosperous agricultural communities.

Just like the Farm Credit System, AFBF is nearing their centennial anniversary. In 1919, a small group of farmers from 30 states gathered in Chicago to found the organization. Over the past nine decades the issues and challenges facing rural America have changed but the mission and goals of AFBF have remained true. Farm Bureau members are vocal in speaking out on issues of concern for the nation’s farmers and ranchers on a grassroot level.

AFBF President Bob Stallman’s address to kickoff the convention stressed the need to come together and make progress on common issues including the 2012 drought and passage of a five-year Farm Bill. Other headlines from the convention include:

  • Smithsonian Partners with AFBF to Anounce Initiative to Document Farm Innovation
  • Vilsack Urges Farmers to Reach Out Beyond Agriculture
  • Retired Astronaut Mark Kelly Inspires Farm Bureau Members

Outside of the convention, the AFBF website offers farmers, ranchers and consumers additional resources in helping their voices be heard. Visitors can send a letter to their legislators, find their local Farm Bureau office and explore the latest food trends through FoodieCast.

Farm Credit is proud to support AFBF and other advocates for agriculture. This year, we were delighted to partner with AFBF during the convention in support of several events including the Young Farmer & Rancher Excellence in Agriculture Contest and the Women’s Leadership Recognition Luncheon.