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From the Field: Citizenship Washington Focus

Join us for a three part photo blog series this week featuring highlights from the 2013 Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) program held throughout each summer at the National 4-H Center. Farm Credit is a proud sponsor of 4-H through the National Contributions Program.

The National 4-H Conference Center is located in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Every year, 4-H youth from all over the United States stay here for CWF, a week long program that focuses on leadership and citizenship skills using Washington D.C. as a classroom. Rich with U.S. history and stories of strong leadership from our founding fathers, the D.C. area proves to be a fountain of knowledge and useful lessons.


The opening night of programming was a huge success! The Farm Credit Rocks booth was at the 4-H center to welcome the week seven youth delegates and teach them about Farm Credit. Delegates from Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, Washington, North Carolina, Georgia, Delaware, South Carolina and Alabama were in attendance and the booth was in high demand by the 120 youth. Teams of two competed for the top score of the night and a fun prize to take home. Nearly 30 teams took advantage of this interactive experience.


The highlight of the kickoff evening was the Pin Trading Social. All of the 4-H delegates gathered to introduce themselves and collect token pins from each of the states being represented. Kind, polite and sociable are words that best describe this youth interaction. This event along with the Farm Credit booth established a sense of camaraderie amongst the delegates in attendance. That camaraderie would prove to be important over the next several days of activities.


Check in on Wednesday for the second installment of this three part series.