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From the Field: Citizenship Washington Focus Part II

Join us for a three part photo blog series this week featuring highlights from the 2013 Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) program held throughout each summer at the National 4-H Center. Farm Credit is a proud sponsor of 4-H through the National Contributions Program.

An early start time for the first full day of programming at week six of CWF landed us at Mount Vernon, the massive estate of George and Martha Washington. Here youth learned not only about the incredible leadership of the first President of the United States but also about his passion for agriculture. The lower side of the estate near the Potomac River is home to Washington’s successful herring fishery as well as a thriving and active farm that includes sheep, horses, grains and other food crops. In his own words Washington states, “Agriculture has been amongst the most favorite amusements of my life”.


By midmorning, our tour of the estate concluded. On the way back to the 4-H center we made one important stop at the Iwo Jima Memorial. As the buses circled the monument a true firsthand account by James Bradley was read to the delegates. The story included an explanation of who each of the six young men were and how the life that they once had was sacrificed for freedom. The storyteller stressed that very young men raised that flag. One delegate stated “I can’t believe young boys like me did all of that”.


After a short lunch break, all the delegates began their afternoon committee sessions. Each committee had a responsibility for various aspects of their week on campus. The communications committee, pictured here, was responsible for sharing the stories of their week at CWF. Delegates were encouraged to use social media platforms such as Twitter to feed live reports and initiate contests to get everyone on the CWF beat. The committee received a brief introduction into storytelling by their assigned program assistants and then broke out into smaller groups to begin working together on their assignment for the week. Read their posts and live tweets here.


Check in on Friday for the final installment of this three part series.