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From the Field: Citizenship Washington Focus Part III

Join us for a three part photo blog series this week featuring highlights from the 2013 Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) program held throughout each summer at the National 4-H Center. Farm Credit is a proud sponsor of 4-H through the National Contributions Program.

After a full afternoon schedule of workshops and a quick dinner, the delegates were off to tour Washington D.C. by night. All of the Program Assistants are certified tour guides allowing each group to personally experience the popular memorials at the National Mall. This was the first time many of the delegates had ever seen Washington D.C. up close and personal.


I was grouped with the Mississippi delegates, pictured here. As they took their first journey through the war memorials, the delegates took away the lesson that freedom isn’t free and that an active and informed citizenry is the only way to preserve it.


By the end of the evening the southern state delegates were in awe over everything they experienced during their first full day of programming and new friendships were blossoming across the state delegations. There was still plenty left to see and learn and only four days left in the program!


Although I only observed the first days of the program, delegates also went through a legislative process around issues concerning social media, education and nutrition and school lunch. They drafted their own bills, presented them and then debateed their approval amongst their peers. Each state delegation had the opportunity to meet with their respective congressmen while visiting capitol hill.

Delegates also reconvened to develop a community action plan that they can implement in their home state. One delegate from Mississippi explains her experience, “Meeting new people in 4-H allowed me to see that we all have great ideas. No thought is greater than the other but there is unity when we come together to achieve a goal. I will never forget this experience. Before we left our Program Assistants encouraged us to make an action plan for our home state to make a difference. So in September, we will be hosting a youth health conference to get kids to exercise and eat healthy. Hopefully, this will encourage our kids to live healthier and fulfilling lives. This experience couldn't have been possible without Farm Credit. Thank you so much!”

The future of America looks bright in the hands of these young people.