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Independence Day 2017

When the United States of America was established more than 240 years ago, 13 colonies held 2.5 million people. In this mostly agrarian society, the most citizens were farmers raising livestock from imported stock or crops introduced by the Native Americans – such as maize, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkins, gourds, squash, watermelons, beans, grapes, berries, pecans, black walnuts, peanuts and maple sugar.

Today, the U.S. is home to more than 321 million people, a population that embodies significantly more diversity than our forefathers could have imagined. Our agriculture has also diversified over the years. Today’s farmers and ranchers are raising an amazing abundance and variety of food on 915 million acres of farmland, and in some cases, in water. Here are just a few examples of Farm Credit customers who contribute to this broad array of fresh food:

  • Roland Yee and his family grow niche vegetables and herbs like bok choy, Chinese cabbage and Asian celery on 500 acres in central Florida.
  • Three generations of the Marchini family raise radicchio, specialized Italian produce, figs and a patented variety of almonds on 5,000 acres in California.
  • Paul Singleton and Geoff Haines use an advanced hydroponic system to grow lettuce in water, gaining high yields in a small area and delivering fresh, local food to their Hawaiian customers.
  • Brothers Brant and Jason Lamm farm 1,200 acres of prime Louisiana rice land– but they don’t raise rice, they cull juicy crawfish burgeoning in the post-harvest water.
  • After coming to America to work as a mushroom picker, Martin Ortiz has built his own mushroom business in Pennsylvania, producing 2.5 million pounds of the tasty fungi each year.

Farm Credit thanks all of America's hard-working farmers and ranchers who work every day to provide abundant, diverse and safe food, fuel and fiber.