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Let Us Give Thanks for a Safe and Abundant 2014 Harvest

As millions of Americans head off to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s time to consider the abundance of food that we’ll enjoy and that’s grown through the daily commitment of our country’s farmers and ranchers.

  • 856 million pounds of cranberries will be produced this year, an abundance that has the government stepping in to purchase the excess as supply outstrips demand. Wisconsin is the country’s biggest producer of the fruit, followed by Massachusetts, where Cindy and Matt Rhodes operate 200 acres of cranberry bogs.
  • Baked sweet potatoes, called yams in some parts of the country, are produced by farmers like Kent Fann and his family, and those browned marshmallows on top start with sugar produced by growers like Charles Landry.
  • If mashed potatoes are more your style, look to young farmer Cole Vculek, a National FFA American Star Farmer award winner and now supplier of seed potatoes to his parent’s potato production operation.
  • If you’re accompanying your meal with wine, consider trying one of Kunde Family Estate varietals, grown in California but sold throughout the country or online. Many regional wineries also produce quality wines, including Serpent Ridge in Maryland and Mac’s Creek Winery in Nebraska.
  • Once the Thanksgiving dishes are cleaned up it's time to deck the halls! Noble Mountain Tree Farm in Oregon harvests and delivers 600,000 fir trees each year to retailers across the country for families to decorate for the holidays.

All month long we've been giving thanks for many aspects of today's farmers and ranchers who ensure our safe abundant food supply. Follow and share the 30 Days of Thanks series on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and tell us what you are thankful for this holiday season!