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A Toast to Our Wineries and Wine Grape Growers

By Karen Macdonald - Tuesday, May 20, 2014

As a science, wine making is fairly straightforward: grow fruit, press out the juice, ferment, drink. As an art, though, some would argue that this millennia-old process is still being perfected. Read More »

From the Field: Agricultural Diversity in Central Texas

From the Field: Agricultural Diversity in Central Texas

By Karen Macdonald - Thursday, May 8, 2014

Earlier this week, Farm Credit customers Capitol Land & Livestock and Johnson’s Backyard Garden hosted nearly 100 people from Farm Credit’s Idea Share conference, an annual gathering of the communications professionals for nearly 90 local Farm Credit associations and regional banks. Read More »


From the Field: Food Hubs Open Markets for Local Foods

By Gary Matteson - Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Farm Credit System’s commitment to young, beginning and small farmers in all types of agriculture was on full display at last week’s National Good Food Network's NGFN 2014 Food Hub Collaboration Conference in Raleigh, NC. The event brought farmers, investors, buyers and community leaders together around the growing business of regional food hubs. With more than 250 food hubs around the country, these aggregators of products from small farms bridge the wholesale gap between local food producers and larger buyers. Read More »


From the Field: Women Making Waves

By Rachel Gonzales - Friday, March 28, 2014

Farm Credit’s National Contributions Program supports a diverse group of industry organizations, which sometimes find ways to collaborate to further support the industry. National Farmers Union and Annie’s Project did just that earlier this year at the Women’s Conference in Clearwater, Florida. The conference is an opportunity for farm and ranch women to learn to become stronger leaders in their communities and to learn more about the business side of farming and ranching. Together, these partners were able to shine a light on the great work that’s being done by women in agriculture. Read More »