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Urban Summer Intern Meets Rural America

We're highlighting summer internship season at Farm Credit all this week with some help from three guest bloggers who are currently interning at Southwest Georgia Farm Credit. Alicia Aldridge is a junior at Florida State University majoring in accounting with a minor in Spanish. Would you like to share your Farm Credit internship story? Drop us a line at ask@farmcredit.com.

It is exactly 42.8 miles from my apartment in Tallahassee, Fla. to Southwest Georgia Farm Credit’s office in Bainbridge, Ga. The ride could easily be a relaxing one. The highway winds through the countryside. Rows of pecan trees, acres of field corn and the small town of Havana are just some of the beautiful sights that get to be enjoyed along the way to the office. However, June 3rd was a little different. It was the first day of my internship at Farm Credit and my nerves were making me feel uneasy. What are all the employees going to be like? I’m a city girl with just a little bit of exposure to the agricultural industry and lifestyle. Am I going to fit in? As I reflect on my first week of work I now feel silly for ever being worried. Right away I hit it off with the other interns and all of the rest of the employees are extremely welcoming.

On the second day of work the other interns and I got to learn exactly how Farm Credit operates. Everything from what is the Farm Credit System to how money from the Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corporation flows all the way to member-borrowers were covered in a comprehensive overview. With this background in mind, it was nice to see how Farm Credit’s funds are used when we visited a manager of a corn co-op and a pecan grove farmer the next day.

Back home in the Tampa Bay area, my neighborhood does not allow fences or two story houses. The average back yard is less than an eighth of an acre and none of my friends have a clue as to how much work goes into making corn available in a grocery store...I didn’t either until a few days ago.