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The AGgregator

Welcome to The AGgregator

Welcome to The AGgregator

Welcome to the AGgregator – Farm Credit’s online information hub for the communities and businesses that drive agriculture. As a trusted partner to America’s rural and agricultural communities, Farm Credit created this blog to gather and share the collective expertise, insights and information from the many faces of American agriculture.

We believe in the power of learning from each other, and together we can illuminate agriculture’s rich contribution to our culture and our economy. To celebrate the introduction of the AGgregator, we have chosen as our inaugural post, Farm Credit’s Common Threads manifesto: a collection of beliefs and values that define our commitment to rural America and our customers’ success.

We invite you to use the AGgregator to learn, comment, and share, and we encourage you to send us story ideas and topics that will keep the conversation going. Let us know what you think; leave a comment below, or drop us a line at ask@farmcredit.com.