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Producing Excellence

Producing Excellence shares compelling stories of American farmers and ranchers, both newcomers to agriculture and producers who span generations.

Their stories are as diverse as agriculture itself, so we’ve created several ways for you to navigate:

  • Browse by map to learn about producers and operations from across the U.S.
  • Check out the most viewed profiles and profiles with photos and video using the tabs below
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Hartshorn Farms
Hamburg, AR

First generation farmer Andrew Hartshorn nearly tripled his acreage just four years after he started farming. Read More
Crete, ND

This young farmer's independent farm provides the seed potatoes for his parents' production potato farm. Read More
Hagenbuch Family Farms
Utica, IL

Starting a new swine operation enabled this couple to leave their off-farm jobs behind to become full-time farmers. Read More
Tiffany Cattle Ranch
Herrington, KS

Focusing on individualized marketing and risk management strategies for their customers have helped these brothers build a thriving feed yard. Read More
Homeowners and Farmers
Mountain Home, AR

Strong family commitment has enabled this exceptional student to attend college at a very young age. Read More
Edgewood Bogs and Cape Cod Select
Carver, MA

Their long-term vision for increasing efficiencies and yields led these cranberries growers to start over from the ground up. Read More
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