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Meet Our Customers - Producing Excellence

Producing Excellence shares compelling stories of American farmers and ranchers, representing the diversity to be found in this thriving industry sector: operations large and small, organic and conventional, rural and urban, newcomers to agriculture and producers whose operations span generations. With financing from Farm Credit and critical services provided by rural utility companies also represented here, these successful business people are producing the food, fuel and fiber on which we all depend.

All profiles tagged with "Hay":
  • Bill Plourd

    El Centro, CA

    Increasing demand in the Far and Middle East is a major opportunity for this hay exporter and its growers. Read More »
  • Tom Bailey

    Ephraim, UT

    Compressing hay makes it easier and cheaper for these entrepreneurs to ship their bales around the world. Read More »
  • Tim and Tom Stuart

    Lake Odessa, MI

    Starting young and working closely with their father, these young brothers are poised for further success. Read More »
  • Ronald Gabriel

    Grand Saline, TX

    Doing what he loves - raising beef cattle and quarter horses - is more than enough for this Texas rancher. Read More »
  • Brian Hicks

    Tracy, MN

    Underwater tile drainage systems remove excess water from the soil to enable planting operations to get going in the wet spring. Read More »
  • Cade and Jessica Richmond

    De Leon, TX

    Growing hay for the Texas horse industry provides a steady revenue stream for this diversified operation. Read More »
  • Rupert, ID

    A new rotary milking system enables this dairy operation to milk 1,100 cows in just five hours. Read More »
  • Loren Doll

    Dodge City , KS

    Four inter-dependent companies contribute to the success of this integrated cattle operation. Read More »