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America’s Farmers and Ranchers Help Fill St. Paddy’s Plates

Every March 17, Americans don their green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Originally a religious observance recognizing the patron saint of Ireland, it has grown into a celebration of all things Irish. From Shamrock, Texas to Limerick, Maine, and in the 11 Dublins spread across America, more than 34 million Irish-American citizens (along with their friends and neighbors) will watch parades, listen to Irish music and enjoy traditional Irish food. What they may not realize is the role America’s farmers and ranchers play in providing the tastiest portion of the festivities.

Here are a few ways Farm Credit’s customer-owners contribute to some St. Paddy’s Day favorites:

  • Potatoes: Whether roasted, boiled, mashed or fried, these root vegetables are a staple on St. Patrick’s Day plates. Farm Credit customer Smith’s Farm includes potatoes in its rotation, joining broccoli and grain on its century-old operation. Ron and Lisa Blach also include potatoes in their crop mix some years, pending on market demand.

Whatever meal you choose on St. Patrick’s Day, take a moment to appreciate the hardworking farmers and ranchers who raised the products on your table. As the Irish Proverb, “Down on the Farm,” says, “a farmer’s work is never done.”