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Business of Agriculture: Common Hurdles to Success in Succession Planning

Business of Agriculture: Common Hurdles to Success in Succession Planning

By Rick Hermonot and Jon Jaffe - Sunday, February 8, 2015

Rick Hermonot and Jon Jaffe are consultants with Farm Credit East, working out of the Dayville office. Rick has been with Farm Credit for 27 years, and Jon has been with the organization for 31 years. Read More »

Ag News Roundup: October 2014

By Olga Zvinyatskovskaya - Wednesday, November 12, 2014

World Food Day on October 16 focused much attention on the role of the 500 million family farmers in feeding and providing food security to the world’s population. One report revealed that 80 percent of the world’s food is raised by family farmers. In a related announcement, the USDA stated that it will be changing its lending policy – expanding eligibility and increasing lending limits - to help more beginning and family farmers. Read More »

From the Field: Father's Day 2014

By Olga Zvinyatskovskaya - Thursday, June 12, 2014

Across rural America, every day farmers and ranchers pass down a tradition of hard work and commitment to their children, sometimes building on generations of family commitment to producing safe and abundant food. Often, these children grow up to join the family operation, having learned a love of the land and the animals in their care along with the work ethic and specialized knowledge necessary to succeed in farming and ranching. Here are a few examples of multi-generational farmers and ranchers who have worked side-by-side as farm families, building a legacy that might be passed on to the next generation: Read More »


National Beef Month: It's A Family Thing

By Justana Tate, National Beef Ambassador - Thursday, May 29, 2014

Guest blogger Justana Tate is a senior at McLean High School in Texas. After graduation she plans to attend Tarleton State University to major in Agribusiness. She is a member of the 2014 National Beef Ambassador Program. Read More »