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From the Field: Ag Innovation at a Mile High

From the Field: Ag Innovation at a Mile High

By Karen Macdonald - Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Uncharacteristic rain didn’t put a damper on the Colorado agricultural tour at Farm Credit’s Idea Share earlier this month. The 80 tour attendees deliver public relations, marketing, advertising and other internal and external communications services to Farm Credit organizations across the country. The tour covered a diverse mix of ag operations that embrace innovation in delivering food products to their customers. Click here to see photos from the tour. Read More »


Growing Agriculture in the Big City

By Karen Macdonald - Monday, May 26, 2014

From backyard chickens to rooftop gardens, city dwellers across the country are bringing food production closer to home in large population centers that have been divorced from the farm for generations. This grassroots urban agriculture movement meets economic, food supply and social needs, in some cases helping eliminate food deserts where residents find it difficult to access fresh foods. Read More »

Ag News Roundup: October 2013

By Karen Macdonald - Monday, November 4, 2013

The already slow advance of the Farm Bill was stalled in October during a 16-day federal government shutdown, which stopped USDA activities and FSA payments. Currently House and Senate negotiators are meeting to hammer out a final bill. During the shutdown, a major, unseasonable blizzard struck South Dakota, killing thousands of livestock, but the shutdown government response was delayed. Several organizations stepped in to help, including Farm Aid, the USDA, a coalition of South Dakota non-profit groups, and Farm Credit. The economic loss is estimated at $1.7 billion, and it will take years for ranchers to rebuild their herds. Read More »

Ag News Roundup: August 2013

By Karen Macdonald - Tuesday, September 3, 2013

News of a five-year Farm Bill continued to dominate headlines during the month of August. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and several U.S. senators expect the bill will be finalized before the deadline of the end of September. Read More »