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Ag News Roundup: April/May 2015

Ag News Roundup: April/May 2015

By Karen Macdonald - Friday, June 12, 2015

Recent news coverage has revealed an interesting dichotomy. Most American farmers and ranchers believe strongly that they play an important role in feeding the nation and the world. Universities and industry publications promote the same concept. Yet according to the Center for Food Integrity, it doesn’t matter to consumers that farmers are feeding the world. One reason may be that consumers don’t really understand agriculture. Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) programs are helping to offer that education, as one former technology CEO, now a farmer, shared with Yahoo! News. Read More »

Ag News Roundup: February 2014

By Karen Macdonald - Sunday, March 2, 2014

After more than two years of effort, in February the U.S. Congress passed a Farm Bill, later signed into law by President Obama. Industry participants now must determine what the new law includes and how it differs from the previous legislation. The extreme drought in California also captured headlines, called by some to be the worst drought the region has seen in 500 years. Relief efforts are underway from the Federal government and the USDA. Even NASA is getting into the action, employing satellites to track snowpack groundwater levels and predict storms that could bring needed water. Read More »

Ag News Roundup: August 2013

By Karen Macdonald - Tuesday, September 3, 2013

News of a five-year Farm Bill continued to dominate headlines during the month of August. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and several U.S. senators expect the bill will be finalized before the deadline of the end of September. Read More »

Farm Credit Perspectives: Farm Land Values

By Doug Stark - Monday, May 27, 2013

The past year has seen farm land values continue to rise throughout most of the AgriBank District, although the sharp increasing trend is leveling off, especially in the first quarter of 2013. Dramatic increases in some states have made headlines, and a few are asking if agriculture is facing a land value bubble. Read More »