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Ag News Roundup: November 2015

Ag News Roundup: November 2015

By Karen Macdonald - Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Industry publication AgriMarketing recently devoted an entire issue to Farm Credit’s 100-year anniversary. The Farm Credit 100 issue debuted online with the print edition hitting mailboxes soon after, and featured articles highlighting Farm Credit’s history, activities, marketing approach and outlook for the future. Also included was a special feature on Farm Credit’s support for cooperatives and rural infrastructure providers. This is the first time that Farm Credit has earned such extensive coverage in a single publication, reinforcing the importance and relevance of our 100-year record of financial support to rural communities and agriculture. Read More »

Ag News Roundup: April/May 2015

Ag News Roundup: April/May 2015

By Karen Macdonald - Friday, June 12, 2015

Recent news coverage has revealed an interesting dichotomy. Most American farmers and ranchers believe strongly that they play an important role in feeding the nation and the world. Universities and industry publications promote the same concept. Yet according to the Center for Food Integrity, it doesn’t matter to consumers that farmers are feeding the world. One reason may be that consumers don’t really understand agriculture. Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) programs are helping to offer that education, as one former technology CEO, now a farmer, shared with Yahoo! News. Read More »

Ag News Roundup: March 2015

By Karen Macdonald - Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Agriculture received mainstream media attention in March, with ABC’s “Bachelor Farmer” Chris Soules proposing to his final choice of contestants, and bringing attention to farming with his new website promoting modern agriculture. National Ag Day also helped bring awareness to the importance of agriculture in celebrations held throughout the country. Agriculture is also being seen as a thriving employment sector, with coverage touting the plethora of career choices available in the industry. Read More »

Ag News Roundup: February 2015

By Olga Zvinyatskovskaya - Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced multiple financial aid programs to support agriculture and rural America in February. Among the available funds are $160 million to support food and agriculture research, education and extension, $16 million to support food production and increase food security, and $14 million to support economic growth in rural communities. USDA also announced several programs to support under-served groups, including $18 million in grants to train beginning farmers and ranchers, and $9 million to help socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers and farmer veterans. Read More »